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corporate social responsibility
As a company involved in the construction of projects throughout the community spectrum, we fully recognise our role in contributing towards a sustainable and successful local economy.

Our commitment towards corporate social responsibility has been proven time and time again and we maintain strong links with local charities, businesses, educational centres, sports projects and the community in general.

In addition to this, our commitment to the well-being of our employees and quality of service given leads us offer dedicated training and development programmes to our employees and continued sponsorship of schemes to improve knowledge and skills.

Moreover, we are keenly aware of our role in the environment around us and have a dedicated Sustainability & Site Waste Management Plan which we amend according to the particular project to ensure that we remain entirely devoted to the surrounding environment. It is the objective of Stanton Construction Ltd to contribute wherever possible to adopt a responsible attitude to protecting the environment by developing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Some specific examples of our dedication to our corporate social responsibilities include:

• The Managing Director being an active member and previous chairman of both the
   Reigate Business Guild and Reigate Round Table.
• Continued sponsorship of local football teams and initiatives such as the Surrey Air Ambulance.
• Strong links and continued investment in local colleges and sports clubs.
• Local sourcing of labour and materials to reduce energy consumption and support our local community.
• Continued minimisation of waste, re-using and recycling wherever possible.
East Surrey College students rise to the challenge in WorldSkills Masterclass
East Surrey College students demonstrated their talents in a WorldSkills Masterclass competition last week. On Wednesday 26 June, 18 students from Plumbing, Brickwork and Painting & Decorating put their skills to the test in 2 hour mini competitions. The event was supervised by WorldSkills UK coach, Kevin Bland and the students work was judged by local employers, Jes Chandler (Managing Director at Stanton Construction Ltd, Reigate) and Paul Marsh (Engineer at Folio UK Ltd, Purley).

Prior to the event, six tutors took part in a session with Kevin Bland to guide them on WorldSkills Competition coaching techniques, to help them develop student’s skills, resilience and confidence. Tutors were then required to prepare the competition briefs for the event.

On the day of the event, students were briefed on WorldSkills and the levels of competition that are available including regional, national and world-wide events. They then received guidance and support from their tutors prior to their competitions. After two hours of dedicated work from all competitors, Ceirain Aherne won First Place in Plumbing, Patrick Simpson won First Place in Painting & Decorating and Haydn Johnston won First Place in Brickwork.

Judge Jes Chandler (Managing Director at Stanton Construction) commented;

'The work I have seen from students today has been exceptional and has demonstrated real quality and attention to detail. It’s really important for companies to be involved with skill based education as it allows us to gain an understanding of what our future employees are being taught.'

The College would like to thank WorldSkills for their support and congratulate students for the hard work and exceptional talent that was demonstrated in the competitions.
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Contact: Julia Jones, Head of Marketing Email
Address: East Surrey College, Gatton Point, London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 2JX
Dated: 5 July 2013
1. Ceirain Aherne receiving his certificate from East Surrey College Principal and Chief Executive Jayne Dickinson.

2. Patrick Simpson receiving his certificate from East Surrey College Principal and Chief Executive Jayne Dickinson, also pictured with Jes Chandler, Painting & Decorating competition judge.

3. Haydn Johnston receiving his certificate from East Surrey College Principal and Chief Executive Jayne Dickinson, also pictured with Jes Chandler, Brickwork competition judge.
Kevin Bland, WorldSkills Coach, pictured far left. All the students who took part in the competition and their tutors. Jayne Dickinson, East Surrey College Principal and Chief Executive pictured second from the right, and Barry Langfield WorldSkills representative pictured far right.